When the Dust Settles.

Look at you now, tiny speck, falling from the sky.
Tardily as ever, with not so much as a worldly tie.
Showy, sparkly stardust you can never aspire to be.
Yet, there is a certain anomaly to your normalcy.

Oh speck of dust, you know naught where you truly belong.
In the strong arms of the wind, mindlessly floating along.
At times you may coalesce with the specks in your way,
But then again, feel the fleeting need to flee far astray

And now the cold, cold wind is letting you go.
You seem to be spiralling- sinking ever so low.
Parting with everything you’ve ever known, I trust?
Yet you can’t have ties when you’re a speck of dust.

Poor lost speck, as they clean you away, you groan.
But you can only be lost if a home you’ve ever known.
Worry not, for while they may sweep you off in a gust,
Can you ever really destroy dust?


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